I’m pleased to announce the birth of Python bindings to Intel’s Mx toolkit (and also the death of my former Nbtk bindings).

Some days ago Thomas Wood announced version 0.2.0 of the Mx toolkit, a widget toolkit based on the fantastic Clutter library. As a successor of the experimental Nbtk toolkit, Mx is meant to reach a stable API at some point and will be included in the upcoming Moblin 2.2 distribution.

While Mx is already usable from Python via GObject-Introspection and PyGi, PyGi still lacks some features like overriding virtual methods. So I decided to port my former pynbtk bindings to Mx, which ended up in in a recursive s/nbtk/mx/g :)

Some stuff might be still missing or broken, but most things should work as expected. Well, except the module name, “mx” might clash with eGenix, so I’ve chosen “mxpy” as the module and package name.

The code lives in this Git repository, including some examples ported from Mx upstream.

Have fun with testing and bug reporting ;)

:wq buz

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